Breaking news: The new name of MOZ is MOSAIC !!!


Our products are worth the price!

The pricing of the products of the MOSAIC platform has a transparent structure.
Prices start at 10'000 USD.
• We give our customers complete freedom to define a set of products, options and parameters when placing an order.
• In addition to the standard price list, there is a flexible system of discounts that allows our commercial offers to be competitive and very attractive for our beloved customers.
• Unlimited licenses are available, suitable for large organizations, the cost of which is lower than the cost of foreign products.
• We are also pleased to offer our clients training courses of various durations for developers, administrators and users of the MOSAIC platform, costing from 1'400 USD for groups of up to 10 people.
• Service cost depends on the qualifications of the specialists involved. This approach allows us to solve customers goals as efficiently as possible in terms of price / quality ratio.
Сost of licenses calculation algorithm

To form a request for price, take 4 simple steps

4 Steps

Licensing type
Choose the option that suits you: subscription or purchase of licenses
Set of products
Select the MOSAIC platform products you want to purchase: BI & Reporting, Business glossary, Data collection, Demands manager
Additional options
Select additional options for products: data quality, event analytics, data masking, Master data manager, Telegram bot, external data visualization, connectors for data receivers, SOAP interface
Usage parameters
Determine the approximate parameters of the load on the purchased systems
Options of Intended Scale of Use

Number of users
Possible ranges: (1 - 99) • (100 - 999) • (1000 - 9999) • (> 10000)
Number of data sources
Possible ranges: (1 - 10) • (11 - 25) • (26 - 50) • (> 50)
Number of infoservice types
Possible ranges: (1 - 10) • (11 - 100) • (101 - 1000) • (> 1000)
Number of report requests per day
Possible ranges: (1 - 100) • (101 - 1000) • (1001 - 5000) • (> 5000)

To receive the final offer with all possible discounts,
please contact us and pass the selected parameters of the solutions you are interested in.

For more information,
please contact us.

We are looking forward to your call and ready to answer all questions on business days from 9:00 to 18:00 Moscow time.
Phone technical support is available depending on your service plan.
You can contact us through our 24x7 demands management system.