Breaking news: The new name of MOZ is MOSAIC !!!


MOSAIC Master Data Manager

Data quality basis

Objectives and solution

Our approach

Correct reference data is the basis for the quality of the indicators calculated on their basis and the correctness of the classification of the source data.

A single point of publishing master data for the entire Company is critical to bring all processes to a common denominator. The difference in master data in different processes can lead to incorrect decisions or erroneous actions of employees, robots and artificial intelligence, in addition, it is more difficult to pass audits.

In many information processing processes, incorrect data markup based on empty, outdated or incorrect reference data leads not only to errors in the values of indicators, which significantly reduces the value obtained from the data, but also entails the need to recalculate the data, which is often more expensive than the initial markup of data.

Creation of a single center for maintaining and providing reference data gives positive business results in the first months after the implementation of MOSAIC Reference data management, since complete, current and reliable reference data can be used not only for analytics or reporting, but also by all IT or AI systems of the Company for its operational activities.

Useful MOSAIC MDM features

Filling is done by users
All the possibilities for convenient maintenance of reference data by users is provided
Access rights management
Role-based access model supported
Content search
Searching and filtering reference data by the contents
Manual data input
User Interface supports adding, editing, deleting reference data
Data import/export
Used to bulk change / add reference data
Logging of all actions
All actions with data are logged, the entire history of data changes is available to users
Interface for external systems to work with MOSAIC MDM
Work on Enterprise or Open source
Single multibase version works on both Oracle and PostgreSQL with completely the same functionality
Saving versions of reference data
The versions of the reference data used with each data request are intelligently saved