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We help our clients benefit from data,
providing the ability to work effectively with data in a single environment.

MOSAIC data platform is designed to increase the availability and reliability of data , self-service when working with data and create a unified indicators space in the company by on demand collection , description and classifying data from various sources using a queuing system, presenting it in a user-configurable structure in the form of reports, visualizations, dashboards or datasets , calculating and checking KPIs and automatically submitting data to external databases and IT systems.

Our features
• Simplicity with powerful functionality
• Low entry threshold

MOSAIC Platform areas of use: Business Intelligence and Reporting, Data Management, ETL Data Loading, Support for decision making, data products and data-driven business processes.

During the development of MOSAIC platform wishes of tens of thousands of active users are taken into account, who, based on the experience of everyday work, understand what functionality is really needed.

We will be happy to do for you

Our team has experience in banking, telecom, retail, oil and gas industry. We are always happy to cooperate!
Information & benefits

"Real Time Systems"
founded in 2004

All these years we have been working to develop your business.

You can:
Increase CAPEX & OPEX efficiency by using open source software that works with MOSAIC.
• Significantly save time when employees work with data and reports.
• Generate additional revenue by launching new data-driven products.
Improve the manageability organization.
Reduce T2M data-driven products and services.
Improve quality of decisions made.
Optimize business processes and increase the speed of staff performing standard operations.
Pass audits easier and strengthen your position when dealing with tax authorities and counterparties.
Improve data hardware investments efficiency.

Designed scientifically by chartered engineers , deployed by market leaders in various industries.
A single platform for data management and business intelligence, containing the complete set of components required to successfully work with data.
• Based on both Enterprise (Oracle) and Open Source (PostgreSQL) solutions.
• Stable works in high-load mode , because built on the principles of Mass Service Theory.
• Provides most fresh data , because it isn’t required the source data to be preloaded into special data structures.
• Accesses data directly to IT systems, minimally affecting their performance.
• Supports both manual data query via different interfaces, and REST API for working with external systems.
• Provides the results of queries in the form of reports or in the form of datasets , uploaded to external IT systems and databases.
• Provides high return on hardware investment by supporting linearly scalable application cluster architecture.
• Supports fully autonomous reporting.
Stores the results of all executed data queries and reports, versions of reference data and algorithms by which the data was processed.
• Complies with Personal Data Protection Regulation.
• Allows customers to influence the roadmap of the platform development.
• Supports full self-service when users working with reports and data.

Increase availability of data in the company.
Increase speed of providing a huge amount of reports and data under heavy load .
Provide self-service of employees when working with data.
Support data products and business processes based on data.
• Assist to successfully pass audits and compliance with laws.
Search and classification for data, information services and reports and provide their business description.
Collect data from various sources, present it in a user-configurable structure in the form of reports or datasets and publish them to external databases or IT systems.
Store all completed data queries and reports without storing source data.
Increase reliability and control of the data and reports provided.
Reduce the load on data sources.
Reduce the cost of data provision.

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MOSAIC works under heavy load
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Customer Reviews of Real Time Systems

Alexey Olisov, BI chief expert
Real Time Systems is a very innovative and flexible company that applies in its products the most advanced technologies and approaches that are relevant in the market and demanded by customers. All our wishes are taken into account in the development of the MOSAIC platform, with which more than 24`000 users work daily.
Andrey Balandin, Head of BI department
The Real Time Systems team is one of the most customer-oriented and friendly I`ve worked with. Guys help us with technical issues, including those that go far beyond formal responsibilities.

Svetlana Lenskaya, Head of department
Solutions from Real Time Systems are very reliable, which is proven by more than 10 years of successful operation experience. Products of the MOSAIC platform can run on both open source and Enterprise-class components, allowing us to choose the optimal configuration for us.


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